Eating Healthy: Easy and Delicious Recipe Ideas

I've really been trying to eat a lot healthier lately and have discovered some great options that are both tasty and good for you! So for today's post, I'll be sharing with you 2 of my favorite healthy recipes/meal ideas. These are all really easy and quick to make too!

Healthy Pita Pizza:

I LOVE pizza. Who doesn't? But unfortunately most pizzas aren't too healthy. Lucky for you, I've found a healthy way to enjoy one of my favorite foods! Here's what you need: 

-Pita Bread (I like using these pocket thin flatbreads in "healthy multi-grain"; be sure to check the ingredients on your pita bread to make sure it's all good stuff! Sometimes options that look healthy are actually filled with not so healthy ingredients!) 
-Mozzarella Cheese
-Pizza Sauce (again, check the ingredients) 
-Fresh Basil
-Spices of choice (I loaded mine with oregano!) 

After spreading your sauce and adding your toppings to your pita, place it on a baking sheet in the oven at 400° for around 10-15 minutes. 

It's that easy. AND it's so delicious but without the guilt of eating take-out pizza! 

Tuna and Guac:


Okay who else is a total guac lover like me? It's good on so many things. It's also a delicious addition to tuna! Tuna is a great healthy option. Rather than add the traditional mayo to my tuna, I opted for guacamole. Guac is a much healthier choice and, in my opinion, tastes better too! Here's what you need: 

-Can of Tuna in Water 
-Spices of choice (again, I'm all about oregano on everything! I also love red pepper flakes) 

Mix it all together and you're good to go! It's great on its own but would also be super yummy in a pita pocket or with crackers! 

How easy are those recipes, right? These are just 2 of the healthy options I love to make! If you'd like to see more ideas in a future post, let me know in a comment! 

What kind of healthy meals are your favorite?! Leave a comment so we can all share ideas with each other! 

As always, thanks for reading! 

Xo, Emma                          

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