Memorial Day

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It's not about the cookouts. It's not about the 3 day beach weekends. It's not about the 50% off sales.

Did you forget that?

Here's a reminder, America.

Memorial Day is a day of honor and remembrance. It's a day that is set aside for those that gave it all. It's a reminder that the sacrifice that those soldiers made for our country will never be in vain. They're lives and memory will not go unnoticed.

It's a reminder of how blessed we are to be Americans--and may we never take that for granted.

Memorial Day is a day dedicated to the brave men and women that fought for our nation but will never feel our great country beneath their feet again...they gave everything. They displayed a love and dedication for the United States that I will forever be grateful for. My heart aches for their loved ones.... My heart aches that such beautiful lives were lost.... I have the utmost respect for the sacrifice they gave for our beautiful America.