Daughter of an American Hero

Today I'm sharing a more personal post. As my dad gets ready to officially retire from the military after 31 years of service, I’ve found myself reflecting on what that means.  31 years of my dad’s life were dedicated to serving our great country, through the Army National Guard for 10 and the Air Force for 21.  There has never been a moment that I have not been so proud to be my dad’s daughter. And as I get older, my respect and pride for him only grows.  I’m so thankful for my dad’s service to our country and to my family.

My dad’s retirement has also got me thinking about what it’s been like growing up as a military brat.  Being a college student, I often get asked, “Where are you from?” However, for a military brat, this question isn’t your simple city, state answer.  It’s usually, “I live in ______, but I’m not really from there. I’ve also lived in _______, ________, __________, etc. etc. etc.  I’m a military kid.”  Often, the follow-up question is: “Wow, is that hard?” Is it hard to leave behind friends? Sure. Is it hard to not have a place that you can call your “hometown”? Yeah, sometimes, I guess. Is it hard to pick up and leave as soon as you finally feel settled? I suppose.  But the thing is, I love it.  I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being a military brat has given me so much.  I would never in a million years trade the way I grew up for anything.