Summer Style

Hey, hey! 

I've been doing some shopping and browsing lately and have come across a lot of great items for summer! While I have purchased some of these items, some are still on my wish list. Check it all out below! (Everything is linked below the collage.)

Off The Shoulder Top | Off The Shoulder Dress | Bikini Top | Brown Wedges | White Lace Top | Palm Print Dress | White Twill Shorts | Black Crochet Top | America Graphic Tee | Caffeine Queen Graphic Tee | Rose Gold Pendant Necklace | Denim Cutoffs | Tassel Earrings 

Sorry To Get All Political: Dear "Never Trump" Republicans

Dear "Never Trump" Republicans,

If you're still pouting and whining about how Trump isn't conservative enough, experienced enough, political enough, polished enough, etc. to be our presidential candidate, maybe it's time you got a reality check.

Because here's the thing. Whether you like it or not, he's our candidate.

Is he a perfect conservative? No. Is he a perfect Republican nominee? No.
Is anyone? Also, no.

I get it. You had other candidates in mind. Heck, I was all about Ted Cruz. But it is what it is. Whining or threatening not to vote at all does absolutely no good.

You "Never Trump"ers all claim to know conservatism. You all claim to recognize all the differences between a true conservative and a phony conservative. Yet, as I sit here watching you all throwing tantrums, it's your conservatism that I question. It's your thought process that I'm having trouble understanding.

10 Tips For College Freshmen

I'm not an expert. (Is anyone though???) But so far, I've learned a thing or two.

1. Forget whatever typical college experience you have planned in your head. Even if you have the most typical experience, it will still have its own twists, turns, and happenings that make it your own--your college years. Let it come to you. Don't confine your 4 years of college to one specific image of what you think it should be. Just like many things in life, spontaneity is often the key. 

2. The "freshman fifteen" is a real thing. And you'll quickly realize that you can make that a thing for every year of college if you want. But I'm not here to tell you to ditch the french fries and live off steamed broccoli and chia seeds. It's all about finding a balance that keeps you healthy but lets you live. Moderation people!!! If you want to go out with your friends and down a milkshake and cheeseburger, do it. Just don't do it every night (I am all about a Chipotle burrito or an overly sweetened latte every now and then). You don't have to be miserable to stay healthy. Hit up the gym or go for a run. You'll thank yourself for it every time.