Nothing a Good Dose of Christmas Nostalgia Can't Fix

I’ve always loved a good dose of nostalgia and there’s nothing quite like the holiday season to fill my void for the stuff. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the whole shebang, I always find myself getting caught up in the smells, sounds, the warm fuzzy feelings, and traditions that all come wrapped up in this season.

In my last post I shared a little about the way I grew up and all the change that has come with life as a military brat.  I’ve learned to embrace change and adapt to new settings.  In fact, I enjoy change.  But when it comes to Christmas and the holiday season, I’m all about traditions. Despite all the change and newness of moving from state to state and school to school growing up, the traditions of Christmas time are always a comforting nostalgia each November and December.  Sometimes I feel a little crazy wanting everything to be set up roughly the same way, the same decorations, the same songs playing in the background, the same cookies in the oven…but that’s the beauty of tradition right? (please just say yes and tell me I’m totally normal for this.)