Dear Big Papi,

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Big Papi, The Large Father, David Ortiz.

One of Boston's greatest. One of baseball's greatest.

Thank you for being our guy for all these years. Thank you for being the clutch of all clutch players. Thank you for being a face that Boston and all your fans will forever admire. As you get ready to play your final game against our forever rival, the New York Yankees, I find myself getting sentimental for all the baseball joy you've brought to your fans and how much we'll all miss you on the field.

I can remember being in elementary school and you quickly becoming one of my first favorite baseball players. And ever since, you always have been. Still today, as a now college student, there is nothing quite like watching you send a baseball sailing over Fenway Park...or any other park for that matter. There's also nothing like watching you celebrate with all our other favorite Red Sox players in the locker room, all with goggles and popping gold bottles.

Some of Boston's greatest sports moments and some of my favorite sports moments of all time have included you and your talent...but also your character. It's amazing and rare in today's society to find someone with so, so much talent, yet also so much humility and respect. You, Big Papi, are a true example of quality that expands beyond the baseball diamond....beyond Boston... Because your character is what goes beyond the stats and the records and the's why so many people love you. Don't get me wrong. I love a clutch home run for exactly what it is. But it makes it all the more sweet when it comes from a standup, genuine person. You played the game. And you played the game well. And you played the game right.

You've helped bring championships to Boston. Boston is a city of champions and you helped make that true. The 2004 World Series will forever be one of my favorite sports moments and you helped make it happen. You brought baseball moments that everyone saw on TV or in person. But you also brought life moments to my family's living room, as I chanted your name with my dad while watching you make your way around the bases.

I think that all of Boston has selfishly dreaded the day you retire for a long time...although, of course, you deserve it. It's hard to imagine a Boston Red Sox team without you in the lineup, especially for someone who started watching you at such a young age. But this is all to say thank you for everything, Big Papi. Thanks for years of performing beyond the limits, for never ceasing to amaze us, for continually hitting homer after homer, and for being one of Boston and baseball's greatest of all time. We all love you.


P.S. I know you're friends with Tom Brady...but please don't give him any ideas.

P.P.S. Side note to everyone reading: not sure why my share buttons are looking weird at the bottom of my posts! Currently trying to figure that out! Thanks for reading though, as always!

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